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Courtney Catanese & Vincent Cavanagh — Minted

Courtney Catanese


Vincent Cavanagh


RSVP Deadline

Please RSVP online by May 8, 2024.

Plus ones

Adult plus ones over age 21 welcome!


We love your kiddos but per venue restrictions, guests under 21 are prohibited. This is a private bar (and arcade) so take this as an opportunity for an adult night out.

what to wear

Dressy Casual. We want you to be comfortable, but look nice. Please no jeans. The main event space is a private room indoors. The venue also has a public outdoor patio where you can get some fresh air. The entire venue is fully accessible, but will still open to the public. It will likely be crowded on a Saturday night and very warm both inside and outside.


Paid private parking is available beside the venue. Payment is required at all times and is approximately $10 for up to 8 hours. Public parking downtown Greensboro is free on weekends. Parallel spots can be found 1+ blocks away but fill up quickly. Public parking garages are also available 4+ blocks away.


We are not dance people, so instead we invite you to spend the night playing some games with us! Boxcar offers over 50 vintage arcade games, pinball tables, and other classic games. If video games aren't your thing, we still have an open bar, some snacks and would love to relax and celebrate with you.